Sunday, October 12, 2008

Building a room CEILING!

ok This was a really long journey for this. In the center of the room we need a recessed ceiling! That's right recessed. Now I need to clarify that I want the shape of the recessed part to be much like the picture-- EXCEPT we aren't going to ruin our design with all of those recessed lights! In the very center of this ceiling is going to be our chandaleir-- now we can have rope lighting hidden at the top that would put out a soft glow around the top of the ceiling if we needed that (we don't want the rope to be seen--we just want to see a soft reflection of the light off the ceiling.

Now the even trickier part! in the recessed part of the ceiling I want it PAINTED-- painted in such a way I can't find any examples of this. But here in lies a lesson! I couldn't find a picture of a ceiling with the paint that I want on it-- but that doesn't mean that I have a bad idea or that it shouldn't be done. When you can't find your inspiration in an obvious way you need to think outside the box. So what I wanted was a light french blue (very faded) ceiling (remember this is only in the recessed part) with a gold diamond pattern over the top (again very light and airy)-- well I couldn't find this-- so I found inspiration in a tie-- and a pattern on the floor-- the tie is more for a color reference (though slightly off what I really want) and the flooring is more for the pattern (the light wood being the gold and the darker wood the blue).

And to cap it all off-- MOULDING! Wow! How beautiful is this?

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