Saturday, April 26, 2008

Getting my site off the ground

So I've recently been trying to promote my artwork and site pretty much anywhere I can. It's taken a lot of my time trying to find good places to link my site up to and get to know more people in the community here are some sites that I have found most helpful so far!

WE LOVE ETSY I think what's most helpful about this site is that it's very much like or The site allows for you to look at other artists and "add them" as friends -- but the best part about this site is the networking! The site is actually set up for you to add your link, blogspot link, personal website link, and flicker page link. This means that if someone comes across your work they can explore your artwork from several sources-- and only makes each one of your sites that much more effective-- the more exposure the better. I have only just joined this site about a day ago and have already had 5 people add my etsy shop to their favorites.

Another helpful site has been Promo Blog for Etsy This site will allow you to post up to 4 imgaes on the blog per week-- this not only helps promote your shop to other etsy members-- but also helps bring your shop out of the haystack of Etsy. It's also great that you can get feedback from people as well in the comments.

All Things Hand Made is a blog where they actually link up to your esty site and showcase the items that you've marked as the featured items in your shop. The one downside to this site is it's actually hard to find your own shop! Everything is broken down into categories such as "illustration" or "jewelry" and you must stay within that category. The main rule for this site is that you must always have 3-4 items marked as featured on your esty account-- which shouldn't be hard as long as you're actively selling.

If you're looking for a site that's a little more up and coming there is Amateur Illustrator-- this is basically an online art forum which currently only has slightly over 3000 members. The site is a little more hard to navigate but there is the chance for some exposure-- especially with a smaller audience your artwork is much more visible.

I have been part of a group called Illustration Friday for about two years now (although I haven't participated in a year or so) basically what this group does is emails out a topic for the week on Friday--- you have until the following Friday to post your artwork that fits within the topic. For example this weeks topic was "wrinkles" so there were many people who posted artwork of older people with wrinkles or cute little dogs with wrinkles-- or wrinkled clothing etc. It reminds me a lot of when I was in college and had a topic or guideline I had to meet. What's great about this site is not only the exposure of your work but also getting to look @ everyone else's work and how they "solved" the topic with their artwork. There is no stipulation as to if you have to create a new work of art or if you satisfy the topic with a piece you made a long time ago. -- I love this site-- and it's always fun and a challenge to make your artwork and post before the deadline.

I've also been exploring other avenues such as posting to art blogs just to get my name out there and also creating my own facebook and myspace groups and accounts.

I basically wanted to blog to help let everyone know what I've been doing to try and be successful with my art. I've gone so far as to actually email people on the site who do a lot of business but as of yet no one has been interested in sharing their "secrets to success" with me. -- while I have not yet been successful I'm still new to the process and just trying to build up my base right now. Please feel free to share any tips with me-- or let me know how helpful this post was to you!'

Thanks for reading!

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you have some good tips on here that i hadn't seen before- thanks